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On Cooking

I’ve had more than a couple of people ask me why I don’t include an actual “recipe” with each of my posts.  In all honesty, I forgot to include it with my first post and I told my sister that it made it seem more like a “show.”  Which, I liked.  =)  But, at that … Continue reading

Red Beans and Rice

Beans and rice is a dish that is a staple of almost every culture.  Red beans and rice, usually paired with a meat of some sort (like sausage or ham) is a Cajun/Creole specialty that, to me, is so fantastic in it’s simplicity that we have it at least once a month.  Usually every couple … Continue reading

Sunday Dinner – Skillet Meat Loaf with Roasted Red Potatoes

I cannot believe how long it’s been since my last post!  Time is flying, for sure!  I’m going to try to post more often than once a month, I promise. So, I decided occasionally I will post what I will call a “Sunday Dinner” which is a whole meal, featuring one or two recipes.  I … Continue reading

Cashew Pork

Well, it’s been a herculean task to get this done, but I did it!!  We had a visit from family last week, and then we were looking for, and then found and purchased a new (to us) vehicle!  Yay!  But hopefully I’m back in the swing of things and I can get stuff out at … Continue reading

Quick Dinner and New Product Review

So, as the mother of two boys – one who is acting the fool most of the time, and the other who can’t abide by not seeing Momma at all times – sometimes I just need something quick to cook that is still somewhat nutritious.  Like I’ve said, I will always look for a shortcut … Continue reading

Southern Cornbread Dressing

Okay, so, it’s nowhere near the holidays but I made cornbread last night, and I made too much.  I decided I would go ahead and post my recipe for Southern Cornbread Dressing and make some tonight with the leftover cornbread.  I know for sure when Thanksgiving dinner rolls around, I sure as hell will not … Continue reading

Welcome to the Cottage!

Hello, and thanks for visiting!  I have started this blog to share my skewed view of the world from my comfy chair here in The Cottage, which is where I live with my musician husband, my 2 sweet boys, and 2 mangy cats.  I am very outnumbered so I just keep everybody fed and hope … Continue reading