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Welcome to the Cottage!

Hello, and thanks for visiting! 

I have started this blog to share my skewed view of the world from my comfy chair here in The Cottage, which is where I live with my musician husband, my 2 sweet boys, and 2 mangy cats.  I am very outnumbered so I just keep everybody fed and hope for the best. 

Food is my main priority and responsibility here at The Cottage, so most of what I post will hopefully  be delicious recipes accompanied by photos of the process and/or finished product.  I may also be inclined to share funny or insightful stories about my two beautiful progeny:  Jude, who is 4; and Bode, who is 2 months old. 

Here at The Cottage we live on a shoestring budget, so I will also try to share budgeting and money-saving tips, which should be lots of fun since I’ve never had a budget and I’m more of a spender.  But maybe someone can benefit from my financial disasters, heaven knows I’ve yet to learn.

We also have some home improvement projects coming up, so look for the chronicles of that process.  It should be interesting, since we are on the aforementioned shoestring budget and we are newbies when it comes to DIY. 

Anyway….grab a cuppa joe and sit back and relax.  I’m glad you’re here.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Cottage!

  1. wow…the blog that i have been waiting for! i really look forward to hearing from Shannon….and sharing recipies…thanks so much Shannon!

    Posted by judi watts | 04/29/2011, 3:06 am

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